20 Weeks Pregnant – Ultrasound – What to Expect – Weight Gain

At 20 weeks-or five months you have a real baby now. You can see through the ultrasound that most of its features have formed. You have gained a considerable amount of weight and you are really feeling it. You are tired most of the time and your legs are swollen.  For the baby, he weighs about ten ounces at the moment and he is very long-meaning 10 inches from head to bottom. When you are 20 weeks pregnant, his legs are no longer curled up on his torso; he can move his legs and stretch. He has a complete digestive system as his intestines are fully developed. He is able to pass some waste products of digestion into the amniotic fluid, which will take care of its disposal. This product is called meconium and for many babies it will be there even in the first days of its birth.

When you have twins in your womb, you will be carrying about twice the weight; that is twenty ounces. Mothers who carry twins will almost always give birth before the traditional nine months are over. You are halfway through your pregnancy and you have a belly button that is almost the same level with the uterus. You have gained some weight and you will continue gaining some more weight as the days go by.  This will depend on your original weight at the time you became pregnant. Sometimes, you will not feel it-this applies mostly to women who were overweight at the time of conception.

You will need all the nutrients possible for the protection of the baby and for your health as well. Mostly, you will need iron as this is the nutrient that ensures that you have a lot of blood in your system. The lack of blood in your system could lead to problems that are associated with anemia and so forth. Interestingly, extreme cases of lack of iron may lead to the death of the child in the womb of the mother. Red meat is one of the sources of iron for pregnant women. Liver contains good iron and if you can get your hands on some liver then you will be good to go. You can take some soy-based products or legumes if you are a vegetarian.

You will need a lot of exercise at this stage too, especially for purpose of delivery. It can make a lot of difference to go for classes that will educate you, especially if you are a first time mother. Do not neglect the function of exercise even when you are not attending Lamaze classes. Exercise is good for anyone; no one is exempted from exercise, least of all pregnant women. Lamaze classes will help prepare you and your partner and will educate you on labor and delivery. It is one of the ways of preparing you physically and psychologically for the delivery. As for regular exercises, take walks and get active at least every single day, but do not push yourself too hard, especially when you feel you are off balance most of the time.