2 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Signs

This is one of the very initial stages of pregnancy and very few women are aware of their pregnancy when they are 2 weeks pregnant. Some of the symptoms of pregnancy will appear and it is then that women will check out with their doctors or the pregnancy test to conform that they are pregnant. An increase of the pregnancy hormones of progesterone and estrogen will lead to the formation of a lining in the uterus fir the baby. There is nothing much of a baby in the pregnancy and most of the time you will not know if you are pregnant or not. It is just the symptoms that will give the pregnancy away. Then again, the symptoms you have could be anything else and it is always good to get a confirmation if indeed you are pregnant or not. Fertilization and implantation take place within several days of unprotected sexual contact. the sperm of your mate will carry what is called the y or x chromosome and your egg will always carry the x chromosome, which will decide the gender of the child when either one of them fertilizes your egg.

Usually, your period will have been missed and you will be expecting to ovulate. You will start feeling the symptoms of pregnancy. For those who are always looking for their dates of ovulation and menstruation, there is usually something wrong with the calendar. You will be able to calculate your due date if you are able to calculate the date of your fertilization and implantation. Either way, no one really knows when a woman will give birth as the due date is always estimation – 40 weeks after fertilization and implantation of the pregnancy. A lot of things have to be in place before implantation can take place, one of them being the timing. It is general knowledge that you have to have unprotected sexual contact within the time of ovulation. He has to have plenty of sperm as well, so if he is suffering from health problems that will reduce the number of his sperm e needs to get this checked out. When you are two weeks pregnant you will suffer from morning sickness, which is thanks to the imbalance of hormones in your body. Some unfortunate women will feel this symptom for the rest of their pregnancy. Breasts will become tender and for some others the area around the nipple will darken. Some women will start craving certain foods and hating some others as early as two weeks into their pregnancy and when these three symptoms are combined, it is always advisable to get the pregnancy test to be sure. It is also general knowledge that you need to quirt drinking and smoking for the duration of the pregnancy for the sake of the health of the baby. It endangers the life if the child when you smoke and drink when you are pregnant. A child could be born with low birth weight and some others could have developmental disorders.