19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – What to Expect – Weight Gain – Belly Pictures

The brain of your baby is getting more and more specialized as it is developing all the functions for taste, sight, hearing and smell. Your baby’s head is proportional to the body and the neck is fully developed now. She can hear your voice and even as she does not have anything to taste will have developed taste buds fully at the moment. Any change in stimuli will cause her to react as her hearing is very good when you are 19 weeks pregnant.

Massaging your belly may cause some relaxation in a fetus that is moving about all the time. He is much heavier now and your belly is much closer to your pelvic area at the moment. Her arms and legs are much more proportional as the legs have fully grown. She has hair on her scalp and the skin on the rest of her body has some hairs. Her kidney is fully functional and she is able to pee into the amniotic fluid whenever the need arises. You will be able to tell the gender of the baby without much struggle.

You have grown a lot over the few months that you have been pregnant but you are yet to increase in weight as your baby will increase in length and weight rapidly in the coming weeks. You will need your flat shoes now more than ever and you will desperately   need to put your feet up when you are seated. You will feel some pain your abdomen as you continue to increase in size. When the pain becomes severe, you need to get checked out by your doctor. Support your back when you sleep on your side and be sure to take rest whenever you feel tired. You will notice some skin changes on your body as your body produces more hormones for the sustenance of the pregnancy. You may have red palms and feet and the darkening of your nipples and underarms thanks to the increase in the production of estrogen hormone. This will disappear after your pregnancy.

Pregnant women will experience some mood swings here and there and these have to be managed as well. It is important to avoid all manner of stress and avoid the drinking of caffeine as this contributes a lot to stress. Be careful to eat and drink well. Avoid refined sugars as they will cause you to gain a lot of weight which you will have a hard time shedding when you finally give birth. Eat whole grains that have a lot of roughage. Whole grains will give you good weight and when combined with light exercise you will not have a problem shedding the weight when your delivery date comes. These foods also help in giving your baby the much need immunity from common diseases. Ensure that you exercise as well, keeping in mind your physical capabilities. Anything that will make you strain too much may cause trauma to the baby and this may lead to miscarriage. Be careful not to self medicate; any drugs you take should be prescribed to you by your doctor.