17 Weeks Pregnant Belly – Ultrasound – What to Expect – Weight Gain

The bones of your baby are getting denser and this time they have changed to real bone; as up until now they were soft cartilage. She has increased by an inch and measures five inches from head to toe. She can stretch and move her legs and arms much faster and more vigorously. She is much heavier and her sweat glands are beginning to develop at this point. She can be able to make faces much more clearly and her head is much more proportional to the body. You will be more comfortable at this point in the pregnancy as all the symptoms of your first trimester have completely disappeared in most instances. Your center of gravity will have changed and you will feel a little off-balance. Your belly will have grown much bigger as your uterus descends much lower than it has been in the first months of the pregnancy. Wear low shoes to prevent the risk of falling down. Falling is a great risk due to the imbalance that is caused when you are 17 weeks pregnant. Be mindful that if you fall down at this point, you may injure your baby and depend on the extent of the injury it could lead to trauma that could mean miscarriage.

Keep a chart of the foods you eat, just to ensure you eat the right foods in the right quantity and quality. You need to know that fast foods are a complete NO-NO when you are pregnant and so is drinking and smoking. The latter could affect the health of your baby tremendously as it could lead to low birth weight. With a chart, you will be able to know the nutrients you need and in the quantity they are needed. This will aid you a lot and will prevent unnecessary weight gain and so forth. You will be able to fill up the categories of nutrients that were lacking in your diet. Be sure to fill these blanks with easy to find local foods that are cheap for you.  Drink a lot of water and take a lot of fruits.

You will deal with a lot more backache at this time of the pregnancy thanks to the pressure that your expanding belly exerts on your backbone. You are advised to sleep on your side and place some pillows to support your belly in the process. You can also sleep with a pillow placed in between your legs. You will also experience leg cramps and also swollen legs and you are advised to take a lot of rest while elevating your legs to relieve the pressure off your legs.

Heartburn and frequency of urination will increase because of the pressure that your uterus is exerting on your bladder. Some women will have an increased libido at this time of their pregnancy and some may not. You may want to increase the frequency of your exercising; walk more and perform  more breathing exercises, but do not exert too much pressure on your body as this will not do you or your baby any good.