14 Weeks Pregnant Belly, Ultrasound, Symptoms and What To Expect

At this stage, your baby has made a lot of developments. He may suck his thumb or some fingers. He can make faces when you are 14 weeks pregnant. He will respond to stimuli and you will be able to notice this when your environment changes. For example, in case of sudden cold, you will notice his sudden movements. During a workout, you will feel his movements; placing a hand on your abdomen is enough for you to notice his movements in your belly. Your baby can pee as his kidneys are able to make urine. He has fingers that move about and you can see that he can reach out for anything to grasp it. Your baby will be able to stretch from head to toe and you will see that he measures about 3.5 inches and he will have increased in weight.

During this time, you will notice the rate of expansion of your abdomen will have increased. He will have a neck and his hands will be longer and more proportional to his body. The legs will grow much further after this, since they are not proportional to his body and especially his head. He has some hair on his skin and this will be noticeable in the ultrasound scan-especially the hair on his head. He has a liver and a spleen and it will be aiding in the development of red blood cells in his body. You need a lot of iron for this purpose.  Your baby’s hands and feet will be very active and you will feel them when there is a sudden change in the environment of your body, which he will react to. His eyes will have developed and he will be blinking.

You will be in the first stages of your second trimester and the symptoms of pregnancy that are associated with the first trimester are slowly going away. You will have a lot of energy although you will still have cravings for some foods and so forth. Keep in mind though, that despite the cravings you need to be careful about the quantity of foods you eat as this may be detrimental to the health of your baby. Some women may feel nauseated all the way through their pregnancy so there are no hard and fast rules. There will be no doubt at this point that you are pregnant as your tummy will be showing, no matter how small you are. You will be able to know the gender of your baby at this point, through the ultrasound scan.

Keep in mind that at this stage you need all the exercise you can perform; but be careful not to overdo it. Take time to workout regularly with other pregnant women, you will not only prepare for birth but you will also bond and get necessary support from women who are pregnant. Keep away from all kinds of stress and eat well, as the nutrients you get are what your baby will get as well. Ensure that you have the right kind of quality and quantity of foods for your body.