13 Weeks Pregnant Belly, Ultrasound, Symptoms and What To Expect

Your baby’s fingers will have fully developed by the 12th week, and in the 13th week, your baby will have developed the fingerprints on the fingers. Prints will have also developed on his toes.  It is a known fact that fingerprints are not the same even with twins but when in the mother’s uterus they will develop fingerprints at the same time.

All his veins will have developed and through his skin, you will be able to see all of them. The body of your baby will have grown big enough so that the head is not too big for it. Her organs are fully working and her brain has also fully developed. Her ovaries will have developed eggs and she will have increased in length; she is almost three inches long.

Depending on your genes, you will have gained some weight in your abdominal area when you are 13 weeks pregnant. You will have to wear some maternity clothing although this is not absolute as it varies from woman to woman. However, most women will have to wear maternity clothing by the time they are three months pregnant.

This is the last week of your first trimester and it can be comfortably said that the most critical period of your child’s development is over. The chances of experiencing a miscarriage at this point of the pregnancy are lower than before and your nausea and vomiting will be clearing as well. You will be less fatigued as well and your morning sickness will have subsided. You will notice your libido increasing as your second trimester kicks in.

Your baby is still a long way from birth and your breasts will start developing colostrum for the nourishment of your baby and may increase in size. In case you have to use any pharmaceutical drugs, get a prescription from your health care provider, do not self medicate as it may affect the health of your little one. You will need calcium in large amounts; at least 1000mg. Mothers who are much younger will need a little more calcium than their older counterparts. Calcium is the main ingredient in the bones and teeth of your fetus and this will help in its development. You also need calcium as your baby takes most of the nutrients he needs from your body.

You will need iron as well for the development of red blood cells. Lack of iron in pregnant mothers increases the chance of miscarriages. You will need a lot of vitamins as well. This is found in fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Eat well, in quality and quantity. Eating for two does not mean quantity only; it means in quality. Do not take it to mean that you have to increase your quantity and not improve the quality. Avoid the junk foods and drink a lot of water. As you progress, you will get heavier and heavier but this does not mean leading a sedentary lifestyle. You have to exercise but be careful not to exert too much pressure on your body. Take walks every day.