12 Weeks Pregnant Belly, Ultrasound, Symptoms and What To Expect

When you are 12 weeks pregnant, your little one will have developed reflexes, his toes and fingers will have developed fully up to the nails. The fingers and toes will be able to move about, he will be able to curl them and straighten them forward whenever he wants to. His eyes will have fully developed too and he will be able to blink and open his eyes. Babies are known to develop their thumb-sucking habits when they are still fetuses and at this point, he will have started sucking his thumbs and fingers. He will be able to move his mouth as well. Your baby will be able to move and respond to stimuli at this stage too. When there is too much noise or a sudden movement on your part, your baby will move about. Women are known to feel their fetuses move when they drink cold water; thanks to the change in temperature. When you poke a finger into your tummy, you will feel your baby respond accordingly. It is the reason a fetus’ position in the womb can be changed just by massaging the mother’s belly. He will have fully developed intestines and bladder and it will be able to excrete urine into his bladder. Your baby’s brain will have developed and his head will start reducing in size. His ears will develop as well and he will have increased in length from head to toe. As the bones become denser, he will increase in weight as well.

The size of your uterus has increased, so much in fact that it has extended to the pubic bone. Interestingly, even at this stage, some women will not be ready to wear maternity clothes. There are no hard and fast rules about the time when you should start to wear maternity clothes since it highly depends on your health status and genes and other factors. Some women who are very small will not be able to wear maternity clothes even at this stage. Some may wear their normal clothes until they give birth. What is universal is the weight gain in the abdominal area although not at the same rate. If you had never had heartburn before, you may start feeling heartburn during your pregnancy. You can deal with it by avoiding some foods and eating the correct amounts. Managing heartburn also involves not eating when you are about to sleep. You may feel constipated as well and one of the ways of managing this is drinking a lot of fluids and foods with a lot of fiber as well. Avoidance of smoking and drinking will go a long way in ensuring the health of your child from common conditions that develop before and after birth. You have to eat the right foods in the right quantities as well; one of the ways of knowing this is getting the advice of a nutritionist, who will consider your general health and needs as a pregnant woman.  In case you need to use prescription medication you need to get the advice of your doctor.