11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Symptoms and What To Expect

At this stage of the pregnancy, your baby has developed a lot more of his features compared to the 10th week. You should be visiting your prenatal clinic more often at this time. He has fully developed hands and he can open and close his fists. He has nails and they may grow a little before birth. The baby will have gained a lot more weight and is about the size of a fig. you will also gain some weight in your abdomen and it will be harder for you to fit into some of your regular clothes. Depending on your genes and fitness, you may or may not have to wear maternity clothes when you are 11 weeks pregnant although most women will have to wear maternity clothes by this time.

You will be feeling the movement of your baby at his point as he stretches and kicks every so often. Through his translucent skin his spinal cord can be seen; and it is fully developed. As for the bones, they will start gaining a lot more density and he will also have developed gums and tooth buds.

You may still experience nausea and vomiting although it will not be as bad as it was at the very onset of the pregnancy. You may suffer from constipation and some heartburn as well. You can change your sleeping position to counter heartburn and eat well to prevent yourself from getting constipated. Even if you not have to wear maternity clothes, you will notice some weight around your midsection. For some women, this may not be the case and because of nausea and vomiting, you may not have gained any weight. There is no problem with gaining a little weight since you will soon gain your appetite back when nausea and vomiting clear.

One of the most important things to keep in mind at this stage is that it is a very crucial stage and what you do will determine the health of your baby when it is born. This means you have to eat well and drink a lot of water. Depending on your general health you have to determine what you are going to eat and so forth. There is no need getting all worked up about the numbers. But if you are concerned about them, then you may want to get your healthcare provider to give you the correct measures for what you need to eat and so forth. You have to drink a lot of water and stop smoking and drinking as this is a very crucial stage of the development of the fetus.

The fetus will have gained some weight at this point and will move about. He will respond to stimuli once in a while and you will be able to listen to his heartbeat when you visit your clinic every time you do so. In case you have to use some medication during pregnancy; you have to consult with your doctor. Do not self-medicate as this may be harmful to your baby.