11 Weeks Pregnant but no Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are appreciated by many since they are clear indications that they are indeed pregnant and that baby is making all the changes that are necessary and preparing for the baby that is growing thus increasing the success rate of the pregnancy. However frustrating they can be, most women will be looking forward to the time they start experiencing the pregnancy symptoms.

The setting in of the pregnancy symptoms is at different stages and whereas there are women who will start having them as soon as they conceive, some will only start experiencing the symptoms much later into the pregnancy. This is because bodies are different and the production of hormones can differ as well as the body reacts to the new status. At 11 weeks therefore, it is expected that you have already being experiencing the common symptoms.

However, if you are 11 weeks pregnant but no symptoms are experienced, there is absolutely nothing to get you worked up. The main reason could be that you are experiencing the changes quite mildly making it hard for you to even notice that you have the symptoms. The pregnancy hormones which are responsible for the symptoms could also be that are not in crazy fluctuating amounts thus saving you the symptoms.

The missing symptoms at this stage into the pregnancy can be scary for most women as they start wondering whether they are really pregnant or not. For those who cannot seem to find any peace no matter how much they feel pregnant, it is important for checkups to be conducted. As long as your doctor has assured you that you are positive for pregnancy and you are not having any danger signs, then you had better relax and enjoy the pregnancy bliss that can be hard to come by. There are thousands of women going through severe pregnancy symptoms and who would gladly switch places with you.

It is not given that this situation will last throughout the pregnancy and therefore you should brace yourself for the day the pregnancy symptoms finally decide to show up. You might however be lucky enough to experience only the mild forms of the symptoms and at the end of the day deliver a healthy baby. The fact that this pregnancy seems to be less of a hustle as far as the symptoms are concerned does not mean that the next will be the same and hence it is best that you enjoy what you are lucky to experience now.

The success of the pregnancy with or without the symptoms will depend on the care you are generally according yourself. You need to ensure that you are eating well and resting enough every single day since the body demands lots of energy during pregnancy for the supporting and nurturing of the pregnancy. Ask as many questions as possible to help you get it all right from the initial stages of the pregnancy thus greatly reducing on any lurking risks and dangers.