10 weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly Pictures and What to Expect

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, your fetus weighs about a quarter of an ounce and has developed most of the critical features in his body. Some of the features in his body have not yet developed so it will take some time for this to happen. Still, some of the most important organs in the body have developed and some have already started to function. The liver is already making red blood cells for the fetus and will continue to do so for the rest of the pregnancy. You will be able to notice from a scan that your fetus has already developed some of the intricate features on his body, like the fingers and the toes. A more careful peek into the features of the fetus will reveal some hair on his head. The limbs of the baby’s body have fully developed and can bend at the knee and the hands can move; as well as the elbow and the wrist. His hands will move about and the mother will be able to feel this when the pregnancy develops and the baby grows bigger and bigger.

The baby can stretch out sometimes but is mostly arched with the knees bent and his hands meeting at the heart. His spinal chord is fully developed and with time will increase in size as the baby develops in size. The brain is partially developed and you will notice the upper part of the head moving in and out. In the coming weeks, the baby will almost double in size every month. This is the most crucial part of the development of the child and the mother is advised to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. You need to exercise every so often, but you will need to consult your healthcare provider for advice as to the safety of exercising.

You will be able to hear the heartbeat of your baby when a scan is done on your pregnancy.  It does not have to be a scan; a simple stethoscope will reveal the thumping of the heartbeat of your baby as she develops.

Your uterus has developed a lot in size at this time and depending on your pre-pregnancy weight, your genes and other variables, you may or may not have to wear maternity dresses. You will, however, notice the growth of your midsection as your normal clothes will start becoming too tight to fit you. You may have to wear a skirt and pants with elastic waistbands or low-rise and high-rise waistline dresses and pants. If you are used to wearing high heels, you will notice the pressure of your added weight on your body, especially your back. You need to exchange them for some flat shoes. You can exercise but you need the advice of your doctor who may okay or refuse some exercises for you. However, for most women, it is a must as it will promote your chances of getting back into shape after pregnancy. It will also prepare you for labor.